About Us is a forward-thinking OTA specializing in international first and business class travel. Our dedicated platform helps users to book a personalized trip leveraging our vast supply and industry knowledge to offer the best option for their Business Class travel.

Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is a global leader in international travel.
We currently operate 4 European Call Centers & employ over 200 professional travel advisors.
We are live 24/7.

Our Values

Great Service
We base our approach to customer service and success on
feedback given to us by previous clients. This promotes trust between both
parties and maximizes goal-reaching potential. We gauge our own success
on the happiness of our clients, try us out and see for yourself.
High-quality standards
We take the time to do things right the first
time, which saves effort in the long run. Our products are made with care
and always with customer satisfaction in mind. We value the end product as
well as the initial consultation and work with our clients with the same
attention to detail and satisfaction at every step of the process.
The world is changing, and we change along with it, always
keeping our goals in sight and our process tuned towards optimal customer
success. We work with our clients on finding the right solution for their
travel needs, leaving no stone unturned in the process.

Our Advantages

Competitive salary
(fixed base + bonuses)
Professional training by industry leaders
Flexible working hours
Career growth opportunities
Social package / Taxi compensation / Airline tickets discount
Corporate activities and events

Our Founder

Brian Crist


Brian founded Business Class in 2018 to give business travelers an easy-to-use

option for finding ticket deals. A life-long business traveler himself, he is deeply

committed to improving the travel space for people with a variety of different

needs. He is dedicated to helping clients find the best solution for their trip at a

good price. Thousands of business travelers across the U.S now trust Business

Class as a reliable provider of comfortable business travel and a source of

excellent customer service.


Riga, Latvia
Chisinau, Moldova
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